Our Christian and British Values and Overall Vision For The School

Our Christian Values and Vision

Values and Vision Statement (Child Version):

With God we learn to love and love to learn.


Values and Vision Statement (Adult Version):

Thurnham School is a caring Christian community where everybody is valued and encouraged to flourish within a questioning, collaborative, creative and loving environment. This is rooted in Jesus’ teaching and acceptance of all, for example in the parable of ‘The Lost Sheep’. 


Our core Christian value (taught and shared in everything we do in school) is ‘LOVE’ – shown in the Bible Story ‘The Prodigal Son’ – Luke 15.
The parable of The Prodigal Son teaches us about love when the father welcomes his son.

Our Last Section 48 Inspection Report On Christian Aspects In Thurnham C E Infant School

Reinforcing British Values At Thurnham